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This is first online representation of "Largest Mineral Depostis of the World" database developed by joint forces of JSCC RAS and GIS departemnt of SGM RAS.

First edition of the "Largest Mineral Deposits of the World" Database represents the result of compilations and researches developed since 1999 in the Vernadsky State Geological Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The compilation can be considered as the most representative database on large and superlarge mineral deposits among the existing databases. Such an ambitious announcement has a strong basis: the compilation had been started from the largest known mineral deposits and continued with smaller but still large ones. At the moment it contains information on 1244 deposits. The number is not impressive, but we can claim that all the deposits, which are large in terms of total resources, and which, at the same time have been mentioned in any scientific publications, are present in the database.

In 2002, CGMW (Commission of Geological Map of the World) has launched a project "World map of large and superlarge mineral deposits" under leadership of Pei Rongfu (China) and Dmitry Rundqvist (Russia). Chinese group worked mainly on the preparation of the map for printing, and Russian part developed the GIS project including a background tectonic layer. In 2004, Vernadsky SGM RAS and French Geological Survey (BRGM) founded a non-profit association named "Russian-French Metallogenic Laboratory" (RFML), and one of the goals of this association is to jointly publish results of the researches using technologies developed by BRGM for representation of GIS projects and other spatial information. The RFML Board of Directors decided that the project you are looking at right now should become a pilot project of such kind. Also, a decision has been made about publishing the 1st edition of the project by the opening of 12th Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium (August 21-24, 2006, Moscow).

For this edition, additional layers, such as layer of names of geologic and tectonic structures, geographic layer have been either developed or acquired by the Russian-French Metallogenic Laboratory. Geological map of the World has been kindly provided by the CGMW (Commission of Geological Map of the World).

You may see now the result of the joint efforts of Russian and French geologists, and of many others who contributed to different parts of the project. Substantial contribution to data acquisition was made by A.V. Volkov, N.I. Golivkin, I.V. Yegorova, E.V. Yershova, I.A. Zhukova, N.A. Zhukov, Yu.E. Kustov, A.M. Lapteva, A.B. Pavlovsky, V.V. Rudnev, V.A. Ryabtsev, A.P. Stavsky, and V.G. Cherenkov. Data kindly put at disposal by G. Juve for Europe, P. Rongfu for China, E. Hammerbeck for Africa, and E. Zappettini for South America were also used.

At different periods, the project received financial support from:

  • Department of Earth Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences (1999-2001, 2003-2006),
  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and French Embassy in Moscow (2004-2006),
  • NATO (2004-2005). The authors will appreciate very much any remarks, additions, and suggestions made either on the content or on the presentation itself. You may send your messages to Dr .Sergei Cherkasov or Dr. Daniel Cassard. Notes on the factual information on the mineral deposits will be very much welcome by Dr. Andrey Tkachev.